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Health & Healthcare Systems

Indian doctors are prescribing a cockatil of antibiotics, anti-viral drugs and steroids for treatment of Covid-19. This flies against scientific advice and WHO recommendations. It may be doing more harm than good.

19 April 2021

This is abridged version of the long article about prevention of Covid-19 using ayurved. It provides practical tips to avoid getting hit by the disease and also to reduce the impact if the initial symptoms appear. It also talks about Spanish flu of 1918. If the abridged article interests you, the complete article will surely be useful for you.

17 March 2020

Doctors were at one time held in great esteem by Indians. In recent years, they have fallen in grace. Recent asaults on doctors by patients and their relatives underscore the poor image of physicians. It is high time that the doctors introspect and see themselves critically. Medical education in India also needs to be reviewed and reformed. Medical colleges need to focus on producing human beings and not prescription writing robots.

27 June 2019

Even though the author, a passionate Hindu, does not believe in vegetarianism, he shuns beef and pork. This short article gives his reasons based on ayurved.

4 October 2015

This Presentation gives a quick understanding of the paradigm of ayurved, which is distinctly different from that of western medicine. The presentation is meant for anyone with a logical and scientific bent of mind. It includes the basics of ritucharya (the system of adjusting one's life to suit the changing seasons).

1 April 2014

Food is the first medicine, according to ayurved. In modern world, food is something that one has for taste and fun, while health is a secondary consideration. There is a need for a change of paradigm in our concept of food. Modern medicine must give up its arraogance and learn from the holistic traditional systems.

3 February 2010

Should one pay a doctor for health or for sickness? In the western model of society based on exploitation, a doctor rejoices on sickness. Is it possible to build a different system of society where all forms of property including of the intellectual kind are held by owners as trustees for the whole society and not for individual benefits?

29 June 2008