Samarth Bharat
  • Samarth Bharat
  • आइए, सोचें समझें और बदलें।

Society, Living, Gender Relations etc.

Here are five gems of advice for old people. These are based on Hindu thought that treats the cosmos as one unit. The author takes a stand against individualism and hedonism. His focus is on remaining useful and contributing in the life of someone else.

19 May 2019

This article looks at various stages of life and role of friends as one moves through life becoming more lonely with passing years.

22 February 2019

Indian political and bureaucratic class suffer from a slavish mindset. Nothing is good unless it comes from the USA or Europe. The attitude is not confined to any one political party. The malaise is spread across parties and ideologies.

5 April 2015

Food is the first medicine, according to ayurved. In modern world, food is something that one has for taste and fun, while health is a secondary consideration. There is a need for a change of paradigm in our concept of food. Modern medicine must give up its arrogance and learn from the holistic traditional systems.

3 February 2010

Should one pay a doctor for health or for sickness? In the western model of society based on exploitation, a doctor rejoices on sickness. Is it possible to build a different system of society where all forms of property including of the intellectual kind are held by owners as trustees for the whole society and not for individual benefits?

29 June 2008

Western and so-called scientific / economic view of man is always partial. It treats man as an island removed from other human beings, nature and the cosmos. Religions, especially the ones not based on a single book, have always taken a more holistic view. Unfortunately, the holistic view is often articulated in terms that are not understood by the modern man trained in present-day science.

27 August 2010

Feeding the poor is a religious duty. Planting a fruit tree for public use is simple and involves hardly any effort. Yet, there are people who will cut down a fruit tree if it causes even slight inconvenience. What is our society heading to?

23 January 2009

Sukh or happiness or pleasure mean differently to a dev and to a danav. Modern western society has been promoting the danav concept of sukh for too long. It is time to understand and adapt the dev concept of sukh.

31 March 2008

Taj Mahal represents an ego trip that serves no functional utlity. Any such expenditure weakens a society, organization or individual. Monumental buildings, expensive clothes, and such display of wealth might attract appreciation, but all these weaken the owner.

31 December 2007

Satyendra Dubey was murdered. He paid a price for being honest. Shocking and sad! But we need to look beyond, to the malaise that afflicts Indian society and polity.

13 December 2003

Every form of love is a way of immersing one's identity into the infinity of the cosmos. The experience is truly divine. This trilogy on love looks at different aspects of love.

Year 2002

A dark satire that argues for the immoral. A son blasts his father for being honest. Deep within each one of us, these two conflicting personalities are always present. Son's arguments might appear devilish and make you angry. But look within your heart - can you find some traces of the devil?

17 March 200

An article in Hindi about morals in love and marriage with reference to idealism of Ram and Dharma of Krishn.

25 August 2001

Devadasis form a part of Indian cultural history. Yet, the country is ashamed to admit it. Devadasis have been maligned as prostitutes. A time to change the biased portrayal.

28 August 2002

The love for the yellow metal is a hazard for Indian security and is an impediment to India's economic growth. An analysis based on historical as well as economical facts.

25 August 1999

Cow Slaughter is an extremely sensitive issue with many Hindus. Arguing against the commonly accepted view, the author favours a new look at cow slaughter in the light of philosophy of Gita. Also read what Swami Vivekananda had to say on the subject.

4 December 1999