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Lawyers, Judges & Justice

Indian police and judiciary are in the habit of catching a stupid first-time offender, while they let hardened criminals go scot-free. This was typically seen in the famous DPS Dhamaka case. Does the system need to be reformed?

30 December 2004

Dhananjoy probably deserved mercy and Peter Bleach certainly deserved no mercy. Notwithstanding the debate, the provision of death penalty must remain on the statute books - argues V.T. Joshi.

8 October 2004

Do harsh punishments prevent crime? Do harsh punishments cause the society to become brutal and insensitive, leading to more crime? An article backed with facts and figures raises some fundamental questions.

1 October 2004

Dhananjoy Chatterjee was hanged on 14 August 2004 after his mercy petition was rejected by the President. Was the President justified in not granting mercy to a poor man? Is presidential mercy reserved for terrorists with foreign connections?

20 August 2004

Witnesses turned hostile and that led to the acquittal of all the accused in the Best Bakery Case. But it is a bit more complex than that. The case is illustrative of the way fast track courts in India are dispensing justice. There is a need to review the system of fast track courts to ensure quality and credibility of judicial system.

28 July 2003

Indian Judiciary & Review of the Constitution of India

An article that takes a critical look at the state of Indian judiciary and argues against giving responsibility of review of Constitution to members of this sick institution.

10 November 1999